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    Indie Boho Boutique
       The Indie Boho Boutique was founded by a family that has always greatly valued education, affordability and fashion.  The children of two New York City Public School educators, all three of these elements have greatly been installed in us at an early age.  Growing up in New York City, we were always surrounded by fashion.  Coming from a working class family of educators, we were always on a budget.  We grew to value education and all of the hard work our parents put in providing an invaluable service to the community.  We also grew to learn how to be very fashionable on a budget.

     Here at the Indie Boho Boutique we are dedicated to providing women with affordable, fashionable, trendy and chic Bohemian styles that are seen here on the streets of New York City everyday.  We strive to curate pieces that tell the stories of famous female heroines throughout history and to empower modern women all while helping them look fashionable at a great price.  

     Based in Brooklyn, we pride ourselves on providing the finest, most affordable, Boho fashions from around the world for the culturally sophisticated and stylish.  Our greatest inspiration is listening to what you love and providing you with the wardrobe that allows the free spirited essence of who you are to shine.   

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