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Women's Kimonos - Fashion Meets History

Posted on 17 July 2017

Women's Kimonos - Fashion Meets History

Kimonos are a necessity for every wardrobe and here at Indie Boho Boutique we have an ideal selection to chose from. Whether you're searching for maxi kimonos, lace kimonos or something to add a little extra spice to your outfit - we have something for you. Our selection includes everything from tasseled and fringed items, to floral and tropical prints. Our fantastic kimonos range in every style from hippy chic to oriental glamour and when use only the finest chiffon, lace and satin for our garments.

Now let's look at the history of kimonos. During the Meiji Restoration (1868-1912) Japan was heavily influenced by international cultures. The government encouraged individuals to undertake Western clothing and habits. Government officers and military personnel were required by regulation to put on Western clothing for official functions. However during informal and private events, wearing traditional kimonos was still common practice. They were typically embroidered with the wearer's household crest, which identified his or her family background.

These traditional kimonos were usually straight-lined which provided many advantages. They were very comfortable to wear, easy to fold and were ideal for use in all weather. They could be worn in layers to supply warmth in winter, or made from breathable cloth similar to linen for the summer. These benefits helped kimonos become very popular everyday items in the wardrobes of all Japanese citizens. 

Today kimonos are extremely popular once again, especially in the bohemian community. If you want to brighten up a boring outfit, throwing on one of our boho chic kimonos is the easiest way to totally remodel your look. We provide kimonos in a wide variety of shapes and lengths that look great with other accessories like scarves. Combine the pair to help you mix patterns, colors and textures which might otherwise just be sitting in your closet. Kimonos additionally look unbelievable with multiple necklaces in all different textures and sizes. Our kimonos are made especially for free spirited women who want to add one thing particular to their look.

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